About us

In accordance with its statute, the Polish Clusters Association consociates animators of economic clusters from all over Poland. It is open to accept any cluster organization and wishes to become a constant cooperation platform for clusters and their surroundings. It wishes to represent the interests of the cluster environment everywhere where actions carried out on a national scale will be needed, and to be a serious partner for the authorities on various levels.

The association operates within Poland as well as abroad, in accordance with the Polish law, and the laws of the country it operates in.

The Association’s main office is located in Warsaw.
The Association operates also on the international forum.
The Association may join national organizations for employers, as well as international organizations.

The Association’s tasks include:

1. Representing social and economic interests of consociated employers (especially coordinators of clusters, cooperative relations, and cluster initiatives) on the national level;

2. Impacting the forming of economic legislations supporting a harmonious development of the Polish economy basing on innovativeness and scientific research, supporting the actions of consociated organizations in terms of executing their statutory tasks, especially – aiming at creating an innovative economy;

3. Undertaking initiatives and actions aiming at improving education, qualifications, and knowledge, as well as the competences of employees of the cluster’s members in terms of work relations, law, organization, economics, education, technique, and technology, and also those contributing to adjusting educational profiles to real, current, and future requirements of the Polish economy;

4. Supporting the process of economic integration between Poland and the European Union and making it easier for the consociated organizations and employers to establish foreign contacts and cooperate with foreign partners;

5. Working with other organizations of employers and business organizations, business entities, and their national and foreign associations;

6. Executing actions supporting the development of clusters and the idea of clustering, especially through: managing clusters; initiating and organizing cooperation between cluster initiatives and their members; undertaking actions in favor of improving the innovativeness of the members, cooperative relations, and cluster initiatives consociated in the Association; organizing trainings and conferences, consulting, executing projects with the use of special target funds (including EU funds); promoting clusters, carrying out actions in favor of the cooperation between entrepreneurs and academic representatives.

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