Lithuanian industrial clusters support their businesses while facing a crisis

Businesses start counting huge losses due to the restrictions announced in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic internationally. Large, medium-sized and small Lithuanian enterprises have already been hit by the crisis as well. If companies were hesitating to benefit from clustering so far, the situation caused by the quarantine illustrates the value of the network for the rapid flow of relevant information. The coordinators of the Lithuanian industry clusters share in this article their views on the current situation and the efforts made towards retaining professionals and the businesses themselves.

According to Giedrius Bagušinskas, the President of the Lithuanian clusters network and coordinator of SMART FOOD cluster, for companies, every industry cluster is now a window of opportunities to other sectors and state institutions. But it is as well a window of opportunities for clusters in a specific sector. Facing the crisis, industry cluster coordinators have become particularly important in the context of a wide range of contacts with authorities. They promptly obtain information, inform the public authorities of the situation and offer the solutions needed for the specific sector.

More: https://www.clustercollaboration.eu/news/lithuanian-industrial-clusters-support-their-businesses-while-facing-crisis

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7 maja 2019


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