Summary 2020 | PCA

Summary 2020 | Polish Cluster Employers' Association

The most important events in which ZPKP was involved:

- VI Congress of Polish Clusters "Clusters as a tool for the development of regions and support for the implementation of the Next Generation EU", November 9-10, 2020

- Co-organization of the Second Silesian Aviation Days, November 26, 2020 - main organizer Silesian Aviation Cluster

- Conference "The role of innovative regional clusters in the development of tourism", held on March 5-6, 2020 in Gudauri, Georgia / event within the project written by ZPKP to the International Visegrad Fund

- Krzysztof Krystowski, as ZPKP President, ECA Vice-President and EC independent expert - speech at the ECCP conference held on 10-11.11.2020 in Berlin (as one of the EC independent experts on clusters, K.Krystowski presented the results of the work of the EC working group).

Participation in the work of committees and groups:

- Work in the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020 and in the POIR Implementation Working Group

- Working Group for the programming of interventions under policy objective 1 A smarter Europe by supporting innovative and smart economic transformation (from 10 June 2019)

- National Contact Point for EU Research Programmes - participation in the work on the work programme for Cluster 4 to Horizon Europe

ZPKP activity within the European Clusters Alliance:

- 28/02/2020 - election of ECA board: Antonio Novo Guerrero (President), Hervé Floch, Krzysztof Krystowski,

- Morning meetings of ECA: European Alliance Against Coronavirus, including inter alia presentations of representatives from Poland during the session:

o Analysis of Disruptions in the Aerospace & Defence Ecosystem | Krzysztof Krystowski Roland Berger

o Industrial Ecosystems: Aerospace & Defence | K. Krystowski

o 2 September 8:30 CET - Clusters in the National Recovery Plans: Poland and Spain - Beata Lubos, Director, Ministry of Labour, Technology and Development

- COVID-19 Response Forum - Creation of a platform to engage in dialogue with cluster stakeholders (industry, policy and research actors) on urgent topics of high importance, addressing the challenges posed to the industrial community by the COVID-19 epidemic
- Meeting with T.Breton, European Commission | "Clusters need to be included in the recovery plans of theEU Member States"| 30.06.2020
- ECCP webinar organised by EC with participation of ECA | Materials, The COVID-19 cluster response: Solutions for dealing with ecosystem supply chain disruptions", organised by European Commission with participation of European Cluster Alliance.

Other activities:

- Krzysztof Krystowski President of the Silesian Aerospace Cluster/Zwiazek Pracodawców Klastry Polskie was selected as one of the five representatives of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership who will represent the network and its diversity towards European Union organisations and initiatives.

- From April 2020, taking positions on COVID19 crisis shields/self-submitted to the Ministry or through Employers of Poland
Krzysztof Krystowski was appointed Executive Vice-President of Employers of Poland | 30.06.2020

Interviews/publications in the media - ZPKP on clusters:



45th edition of the CSR Report awards | ZP Klastry Polskie awarded in the 45th edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The laureates were appreciated for their contribution to the fight against coronavirus epidemic in Poland. https://klastrypolskie.pl/news/45-edycja-wyroznien-raportu-csr-zp-klastry-polskie-wyroznion,381.htm

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